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10 best

Found Footage Films (updated 2013):





10. Chernobyl Diaries (2012, Warnerbros)

Rating : 7 /10

Written by the maker of Paranormal Activity 1 and 3.

Group of Tourists visit the abandonded town Pripyat near the nuclear power plant Chernobyl.

Pro's: Simple story, convincing actors, professional high budget found-footage horror.

Con's: Unambitiuos, requires no intellectual capacities. Trimmed on economical purposes (was successful).

It's like Scream, just set it in Chernobyl and shoot it in found-footage-look.



9. S-VHS (V/H/S 2)  (2013, Memento, The Collective)

Rating: 7.2 /10

Sequel of V/H/S. Almost a copy of it, regarding the episodic style, framed by a similar story like in part 1.

Guys enter abandoned house and find a bunch of VHS-Tapes.

Looking at the tapes makes nearly the whole film.

The episodes are horrific. The only problem is: We've seen it all 2 years ago.

The promising begin of a frame-story in part 1 is not built up in part 2.

But compared to No. 10 (Chernobyl diaries) this is a low budget film and it's much more entertaining.



8. Atrocious (2011, Ibermedia, Catalan Films, NabuFilms)

Rating : 7.8 /10

A few spanish kids spend their holidays with their parents at a summer house

The vacation turns out to be a nightmare as an old legend seems to become real.

Thrilling back-to-the-roots found-footage from Spain, perfectly shot, with beautiful sets and an intelligent story.

The young actors are brillant.  Worth watching it.


7. Cloverfield (2008, Paramount Pictures)

Rating : 8.1 /10

Are there still people who haven't seen this $ 25 000 000 USD production?

I guess not. A yuppie-party in a New Yorker Appartment is interrupted by Alien-Monsters attacking New York.

It would normally be marked "trash", if it were not shot in pure found-footage-style.

This and the very realistic cgi-effects make it a piece of art.





6. Blair Witch Project (1999, Haxan Films)

Rating : 8.5 /10

Don't need to tell the story. The reason why this $ 60 000 USD film

 is 15 years after its release still in the top-10-list lies in the passionate

 acting and revolutionary camera-use. This film founded

the found-footage-genre and sets the standards for it until now.



5. Rec (2007, Castelao Producciones, Filmax)

Rating : 8.8 /10

The second spanish production in this list takes us to barcelona.

A spanish tv reporter accompanies the local firefighters.

Stunning Zombie-Horror shot in found-footage-style.

The economical success of this film led to several sequels and US-remakes.

Some call Rec the legitimate inheritor of Blair Witch Project.


4. Paranormal Activity (2007, Solana Films, Blumhouse Productions)

Rating : 9 /10

Don't have to describe this either.

A young couple films its everyday-life and finds out that their apartment is haunted.

A huge success at the box-office, compared to the minimal production costs.

 I personally don't like this film, because it works too often with

surveillance-camera perspective, but PA also means an important

step for the found-footage-genre towards mainstream.


3. Grave Encounters (2011, Digital Interference, Two Engines Films)

Rating : 9.2 /10

In this small canadian production a TV-Crew films in an abandoned mental hospital.

The ghosts living there are very powerful and not delighted about the intruders.

One of the best found-footage films I've seen so far.

There seems to be this deep connection between found-footage-genre and ghosts.





2. V/H/S (2012, 8383 Productions, The Collective, Bloody Disgusting)

Rating : 9.4 /10

V/H/S is already a classic of the found-footage horror film.

It would have almost been No. 1, but I don't like the episodic style.

Each episode is perfectly shot and acted.

It works because the viewer tries to put the pieces together.

Must watch!



1. The Bay (2012, Lionsgate)

Rating : 9.5 /10

The Bay has not the best story of this ten titles,

it was by far not the most expensive film, but it was the most courageous,

the most experimental, the most ambitous, the most progressive film of this 10.

The Bay is not only a jewel of Eco-Horror,

but also a milestone for the found-footage genre.

You can hate this film, but you don't know anything about found-footage,

if you haven't seen The Bay.




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